Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barkley on Doping = Dumb

I was driving home from coaching swimming last night and listening to the Dan Patrick Show.  DP was interviewing Charles Barkley and if you google the DP show they should have the interview where he talked about a variety of things.

I feel I sort of "know" Charles.  When I was in college (and the Philadelphia 76ers flew commercial - American Airlines), I sat next to Charles on a flight from Chicago to St. Louis where they changed planes to go on to Dallas to play the Mavericks.  I was upgraded from coach to first class and had the window to Charles' aisle.  He was a nice person and introduced himself.  (I was wearing my Missouri Swimming sweats, so he knew I was an "athlete".  Our basketball team was ranked #1 at the time.)  He was clowning around with his guys.  Hersey Hawkins was a rookie I believe.  He looked tired and was trying to rest with giant DJ like headphones on and a Sony CD Walkman on.  Barkley leaned over and hit the volume dial to full blast.  Hawkins was jolted awake.  Looking pissed (and right at Charles) Barkley points at me.

DP and Barkley talked about Vitamin V.  Dan asked Charles, "Would you have taken anything to improve performance?"  Without hesitation Barkley said, "You're damn right."  He went on to talk more about how great it would be to "beat ass".  Never mind that it is cheating.  (Look what happened to Big Brown in the horse race on Saturday.)   The karma train made a big stop on Big Brown and the entire group involved with that horse.  (Watch the HBO Real Sports piece on horse racing - additionally, the trainer is well known for shooting his horses up with winstrol.)  

I have a problem with Barkley saying this.  He can think that and if he wants to be a doper fine.  Although, the NBA drug testing program is a huge joke anyway - the league is known for massive marijuana use.  To endorse doping in any form and not speak about what doping could do to a human body just sets up young athletes too dumb to know that he is trying to be entertaining - to think 'Well, Charles would have done it.'  

Steroids are a huge problem (pun intended) in high school sports.  Lots of parents are pushing their kids to be their meal ticket in professional sports.  

Let's extrapolate this out a bit....

1) Lots of money in triathlon
2) Lots of competition in triathlon
3) "Anti aging" drugs and supplements cost money

Huh.  You don't think that some age group athletes would buy performance enhancers do you?

I'm disappointed in you Chuck.  You may be entertaining but you sure don't think about the people you affect with your words

This whole thing is pathetic.  If you dope you're an idiot and anything you think you "won"...YOU KNOW you didn't win.  Just like the guys who cut the course at the Big Foot Triathlon. cut the course on the swim and run and just beat me for 2nd and 3rd place.  Enjoy the "victory".  Jackass.

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