Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Three Day Taper Leading into FL 70.3

Rest...time to rest. Going into this weekend's Florida 70.3 I feel ready yet not fit if that makes any sense at all. I am just doing a three day taper. This is not an "A" race for me, just a workout with a bib. I am doing one experimental nutritional thing that I used in training camp on long rides and it worked exceptionally well. We'll see how it does in a race.

I know my swimming endurance is just fine, but I can roll out of bed and swim 5 miles. When you grow up that way you learn how to put it into "auto pilot". I think the auto pilot is very comfortable at about 1:17/100 yards in a pool - so figure 1:27 to 1:30 in open water. A huge shout out to Jen, Jerome and Spencer for the open water drills and swim ideas which give me more confidence. I'm going to find some fast feet and settle into coach.

Cycling is where it is getting exciting. If I ride to my potential this could be a PR half IM bike. I really feel comfortable on the bike right now. I'm a bit concerned about the wind speeds reaching 20 mph but I think I'll man up and race the disc wheel anyway. (If you aren't going to be fast as least look cool right?) "ON YOUR LEFT!"...just practicing. I'm so jacked up for the ride!

On the run, well...I am beginning to question taking the 8 full weeks off of running and wondering if I should have done more deep water running or elliptical machine until I went insane. The bottom line is that it is all in the tank now and I'll survive. My only goal is to come out of the race uninjured. Don't hold my run time against me (whatever it winds up being).

I will try to jump on line and update you from FL, but if I cannot I will see you next Thursday (late) or Friday.

Have an awesome weekend! Train/race safe and well. Let's have some FUN!!!


  1. GOOD LUCK BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOO HOOO!!! you will do great.
    ENJOY disney as well...I have two 6 year olds that would KILL to go!
    Jen & Jerome

  2. Good Luck Bob!! You will be GREAT! Get that bike PR "A" race or not!