Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Lynskey Performance R420

I recently picked up my Lynskey R420. Now, for you bike snobs out there - I don't have 27 bikes for every weather condition and wind speed. So when I get a new bike it is a momentous occasion and I buy the best I can afford. In this case I bought the best period.

I own three bikes. One 1998 Litespeed Blade (also made by the Lynskey's) which was the "bomb" in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is still a great bike but I think I need to update the group to DA 10. The frame still rocks. My second bike is a XL frame...(yes, I know) mountain bike; a Cannondale Killer V which I got with full Deore XT for $300. So I'm not going to be picky about the XL frame. This is mostly a commuter bike and "just kickin' it" in the fall bike. Lastly, my 2008, R420.

My Philosophy:
I want titanium. It is strong, comfortable and light.

Keep your carbon - I'll probably break it at the most inopportune time coming into a big race. In my best condition, I was about 157 lbs. and at the end of a 30 minute LT test I can crank it up to 768+ watts (as confirmed by Robbie Ventura). I have a "big engine" and one of my friends calls me "Bob Diesel" kinda like Shaq diesel but not nearly as cool. Remember, I swam and played water polo in college to pay for college. (Otherwise I'd be driving a forklift on a dock somewhere.) So my 5'8" (with the "afro") and 180 lbs. (yes, you read that right) will always have a 46 athletic jacket with a 32 waist. (I'm going for the 30 but I'll need to be about 150.)

Bottom line - Until some full carbon bike company picks me up and gives me a bunch of free bikes (unlikely) I'll be on Ti and honestly, dealing with Jack from Lynskey has been awesome! I feel like I'm part of the Lynskey Performance family and it would take an awful lot to make me "jump ship". They are an American company making some of the best bikes in the world; count me in. I try to by American products wherever I can and I want quality. I'll pay a bit more if my stuff is made here. I'm OK with that - but I want quality and a company that stands behind their product. (Hear that Oakley? So far, my customer experience with Oakley hasn't been "good" but I'm giving them every chance possible on principle - the whole Lance Armstrong thing - the president of Oakley told Armstrong he'd pay for his cancer surgery and they stood behind him when nobody else really would. me I'm almost as important and you have my business.)

The Ride:
WOW! This bike is so smooth and nimble. (Even with me riding it.) I only have a few miles on the bike because my TT bike is the one best suited for Orlando. I am really looking forward to putting in some miles on this bike. It is comfortable. It looks cool. It hums like a fine tuned machine should.

The Frame:
Show me a Ti bike that is 15 lb. 8 oz. ready to ride and I'll show you my R420. The frame is brushed metal. Keep the paint jobs - I want raw metal. (Another nickname of mine is "Full Metal Bob" for showing no mercy in workouts. When FMB shows up you better be ready. Just ask my spin classes.) The frame has my last name etched into it looking extra cool; It only says "Mitera" and that says it all. The Mitera name is synonymous with hard work, endurance, strength and toughness. Just that on the bike ought to scare people out of crits, road races and ITU triathlons to come.

The Group:
I have DA10. I liked SRAM Red but couldn't get the local rep to return my calls so I am sticking with Shimano Dura Ace. (Or Dur 'ACHE as we call it in my cycling circles. It sounds more Italian and therefore cooler.)

Wheels, Bars, Stem:
I got Bontrager who seemed to have good stuff for good prices. No carbon on this stuff just yet but I see it in my future for comfort.

The R420 is not cheap but neither is any great road bike. Take a look at Lynskey and you'll be really happy. Talk to the guys at Village CycleSport in Elk Grove Village, IL and you'll have a great customer experience.

A huge thanks to Vince, Joe, Jason, and Dave at Village CycleSport. You've always treated me like family - even when I waddled into the shop and said I "wanna do Ironman Hawaii someday" and I really appreciate that. Another big thanks to Jack Kopeski at Lynskey Performance. Jack made me feel like a pro during my purchase of the R420 and some day I'll be able to repay him for his incredible help.

Get an R420 or a TT bike from Lynskey. You'll have the best bike on course regardless of the condition of the engine.


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  2. Thanks for your write-up on your Lynskey build. When the time comes for me to upgrade, I will consider Ti because it seems to be more durable and long-term than carbon.

    I also hear what you are saying about Oakley. They make the most stylin' piece of crap sunglasses anywhere. They work great, right up until they break! I have a new pair of Radars - we will see how long they last . . .