Thursday, May 1, 2008

Leadership Thoughts from Bill Wrigley, Jr.

I was at a breakfast on Tuesday. Here are the leadership thoughts from Bill. I liked what I heard...I wonder if Wrigley is hiring? Any parallels to managing your personal training/coaching clients or your triathlon career/experience are well noted.

Leadership thoughts from Bill Wrigley, Jr.
CEO, Wrigley Stock Ticker: WWY

Resilience –
1) not getting clobbered in the marketplace
2) ability to avoid being clobbered by something you didn’t anticipate in the marketplace in the first place
3) strict quality and performance standards
4) accountability and dependability
5) steady, ongoing standards and growth

“The Soul of Company”

1) the culture, status and foundational values
2) options to employment (you want to be there and work there, not just get a check)
3) employees base (moral and ethical) values match companies core values

Management style:

1) Feat vs. Trust and Empowerment
2) Wrigley has a strong culture of trust and not entitlement
3) Accountability
4) Dependability

Wrigley values: Trust / Dignity / Respect

When asked, “What challenges do you have as a fourth generation CEO?”

Wrigley said, “I must balance respect for our company’s history and culture without hindering our progress in being a modern, improving, growing company.”

“Respect the past but at all times do what is right for the future.”

“Change before change becomes necessary.”

“It is hard to be a great leader without being a great listener.” (- this one goes out to the Vice President I report to.)

Two Leadership Challenges:

1) People – manage, grow, motivate and inspire people to greatness
2) Companies who appreciate our principles (be a company who appreciates and manages genuinely with its values

(Qualities of a) Great leader – a passion for listening, understanding about the individual. Knowing when to exert direction and when not to. When to let something fail. Time to stand and watch the growth and/or mistakes of doing the work and quickly developing employees to become future leaders.

“A big part of Wrigley is communications = making sure employees understand who we are and what the opportunities are for the company and each individual. Employees each need to know and understand how they fit in – exactly to the plan and strategy.”

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  1. These are great insights, Bob. Thanks for sharing. We can use them in our sport too! Jen H.