Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us

Today is Lorrie and my 8th wedding anniversary.

We met via a gal I was working with at the time (Kim) and someone Lorrie worked with and went to school with as a kid. BOTH of us said, "No, not interested in meeting him/her." One day Kim came into my office. Calmly dialed Lorrie's work phone number. "Hang on a second." Kim put Lorrie on hold and shoved the phone in my face, "She is on the line! Talk! Be charming." As she left my office she practically sang, "When you guys get married I get to be in the wedding!" She was.
Lorrie is not only my wife, but she is also my best friend. Lor also has the ability to surprise me. When we first met, this gal from Wheaton, IL was kinda shy, quiet and more artistic than athletic. Today...she still can be quiet and is just as artistic as she is athletic. (She may have to race with my bib in the FL 70.3! She has logged more recent workout time than I have...almost.) As you can see in the picture we are the same height. (I am slightly shorter when Lorrie wears heels.)
The Comedian:
Just about every day, we find ourselves looking at each other and laughing out loud to the point of near incontinence. We have to stop what we are doing and regain our composure.
The Surprise Artist:
Lorrie got me on our wedding day and we are always trying to "pull one over" on each other. My birthday is later this week. (Lorrie jokes that it is her way of "helping me remember our anniversary".) At the reception, Lorrie had a birthday cake (chocolate!) with an Ironman M-dot on it. I was to be distracted and totally didn't see it coming. (Nice one!)
The "Athletic Supporter":
If you "can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter." I won the Kona lottery the year we got married. Lorrie was my "athletic supporter" for our first year of marriage as she put up with trips to scenic vacation spots like Lubbock and Springfield as well as long weekend workouts that left me cratered and drooling on myself. Lorrie has put up with bike stuff, swim stuff, run stuff, vegan protein powder and bad laundry folding habits all while being my team photographer and weather reporter. The best part is in 2003 when I was racing and she was standing in the rain for 11 hours in Lake Placid...Lorrie was the person who was on ESPN! We have the video tape of the race to prove it too. Just Lorrie sitting at the finish in the pouring rain in her rain gear.
In eight years of marriage (and an unnamed number of dating years to protect the author) we have never had a "fight". We have this ability to convince each other of our logic without yelling. (We both hate yelling. I can't watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio.) I turn it right off. We have a mutual respect that means if someone disagrees - you need to explain what you are doing and why. Both of us usually respond, "Oh, that makes sense." Followed by a joke of exaggeration on the converse argument.
Lorrie, every day you make me understand that I am one of the luckiest guys in the world. (...as well as I have "out kicked my coverage" or am "out over my skis". Her response would be "vic versa BUDDY!"


  1. Congratulations and
    Happy Anniversary:)

  2. How sweet! You guys are BOTH awesome -have a very very happy anniversary!

  3. Hello Bob!
    HAPPY Anniversary!! Lorrie is great, yes! ENJOY your birthday too! JEN H.

  4. Thanks Jen and Marit! We had a nice dinner together yesterday (and some laughs).