Monday, April 7, 2008

What hill? Weekend Update

This weekend had my first "real" outdoor ride in IL in 2008. Winter has officially been kicked in the sweet spot. (Although, we saw snow and ice on lakes several places.) It was awesome. My goal for the ride was about 2.5 hrs of aerobic work and some hills or intervals of 3-5 mins in duration. My friend Mike rode from his house about an hour away (he rode about 4:20...I'll pay for that this summer). We headed out toward Bull Valley, IL - the only real hills in this area. There is one hill that is about half a mile long at 7 to 9%.

Then there is the "Bowl" which includes "The Wall". The Wall is a hill that is 0.9 miles long and averages 15% grade maxing out at 22% for a short time. This is the hill I do repeats on when training for Ironman on my long rides. To leave from Barrington, around Lake Geneva, WI and back is 111.8 miles. To extend that ride a bit, I repeat "The Wall and the Bowl". The Wall leads into a valley that has a staircase climb out of ~2 miles long averaging about 7% grade which leads into another down hill of .75 miles long at 7% (basically...the other side of the hill). This valley is about 45 min to 1 hr 5 mins from my front door. In peak "big volume" Ironman training I am repeating that wall and valley at mile 90 of my long ride up to 7 x.

This is where we went on Saturday and I gotta tell you...San Diego must have done some good because I rode that in 42 x 21. Nice! I know Mike probably would have flipped me off if I said it but I was thinking, "Wow, are these hills short and easy." It was nice to have the green light to ride.

Today I got the green light to swim. (First time in two weeks not on a swim bench will be tomorrow morning.) Hey Marit...when you start swimming we'll have to throw workouts back and forth! Solid ride on Saturday. 2.5 on the nose and great heart rate and power numbers. I feel good about that. Let's get this running and swimming back on track and we'll really have something.

OH...the weight (now off the meds for this leg/skin thing...back to 189). Up and down like a yo-yo recently; all water. Skin is much better.

Lastly, I was able to spend time with my wife, brother and dad at the casino riverboat Sunday (I know...on Sunday?!) was the only time everyone had free. We had fun and WON! (a little- very little) The rest of the day was with my family and 6 mos. old niece Lauren. She was a doll and perfect (except when she wanted to eat - exhibiting her dad's patience - oh...Mike and Megan).

Here is a shot of her with her Godfather trying to get her to laugh but she was pretty tired from laughing and playing all day.

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  1. Bob, you gotta come roll with us some Saturday morning...