Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a difference one mile can make

I finally did it. I ran again.  One mile.  It felt awesome.  Today, I attempt a risky maneuver - to run one mile again (hold me back) and on back to back days.

The good news is that although I haven't run in 8 full weeks - my heart rate stayed "low" at 132 at 9:45/mile.  I'm not really sure that is low or a good sign but at least I wasn't "aerobic" pace!  I'll look for the positive.

Secondly, I've started interviewing some coaches.  My goal is to race an Ironman again in 2009 and to do so I have several tasks in front of my in 2008 1) get achilles tendinitis situation straitened  out 2) improve body composition 3) re-establish workout progress on an Ironman volume type schedule.  

I'm honestly not sure I should hire a coach.  1) I have the knowledge I need 2) Money - I haven't been charging market rate for the friends/family I've helped since 2004 and to be honest I have coaching services sticker shock 3) I know my body and the effort it takes to get it in top shape - I'm not sure a third party would push me like I push me unless I tell them what I already know 4) arrogance - my own confidence in myself and my own coaching and some of the coaches I've talked to who don't even want to talk about their methodology without me signing on.

Honestly, running that one measly mile has lightened my mood.  The coaching situation will work itself out.  I'll talk to Jenny and Elizabeth in the coming days and get their read out (which I value).  

Right now, I just need to re-establish myself and press on with the positive energy that running healthy brings.  I feel whole again.


  1. Cheers to a mile! Hey, one more mile than you could do a few days ago...! Hope you stay injury free and recover QUICK!

  2. Hey Bob,
    You know how I feel about coaching as an ATHLETE - I could never EVER do it with out someone who:
    1.) I trusted and liked;
    2.) Pushed me when I needed a kick in the ass;
    3.) Told me to REST when I really didn't want to, but needed to;
    4.) someone to just bounce ideas off of and determine if I am nuts or not (I am always nuts);
    5.) I think for so many athletes that I really REALLY enjoy not having to think for myself;
    6.) I LOVE having the accountability - Of course I would do it all w/o a coach too, but I like to have someone to TALK TO about each milestone other than Jerome;
    7.) It is nice to get different ideas from a different perspective....
    Etc etc...Let me know if you need to chat. I am around. Good luck! Congrats on your 1 mile too! Jen H. :)