Friday, April 4, 2008

Re-Focus for a Short Term Goal

Here are the latest shots of my leg (Dr. Flood) and others.  It itches like crazy now that the reaction has just dried out the skin.  My arms from the wrist to the mid-bicep is pinker than normal (looks like sun burn).  The legs look worse.  Two big blotches on my thighs and you can see the calves.  I had to pull my car into a parking lot to scratch my legs coming home last night.  It was 10 minutes of bliss...a full 10 minutes.  

When I get sick or injured (or unable to train in some way) I get like a caged animal.  Last night, unable to do more than 45 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of Vasa trainer...I did all the dishes, cleaned the entire first floor and primed and painted two rooms complete with spackle detail.

I see my doctor again on Monday and am hoping for the "all clear".  I know that can ride again today and through the weekend and want to get this party started.  What this extra "forced recovery" has helped me to do is lay out my training plan up to the Florida 70.3.  The only missing I have is my calf rehab schedule.  In not so politically correct circles my calf is referred to as 'Brittney' which is a bit ironic because my calves measure 16.5 inches around each.  They are an after effect from college swimming (breastroke/IM) and water polo.  I'm thinking Betty Ford Clinic because everything else hasn't worked.  

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