Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pictures from San Diego, Sin City and Bad Legs

Surf's up...where to enter the water?

(R to L) Lorrie, my great mother-in-law and me before I got destroyed at the tables in Caesar's Palace.  I am sure I could press charges for assault of some kind...ouch!

Below is a shot of the mountains as we drive north of LA to Vegas.

The legs....they are dark red now all over but the blistering is significantly reduced.  I'll be happy when they look normal again.  Strong legs are my pride because it sure isn't my hair style these days!


  1. Ouch! Sorry about the legs. That can't be fun - have you narrowed it down? Spider? Other bug? Too much fun in Sin City? :)

    LOVE the shot of the mountains - makes me want to hop on my bike and climb....

    (SOON!) :)

  2. I think it was one of two things:

    a) a brown recluse spider; venom toxicity - the brown recluse venom can cause significant cutaneous injury with tissue loss and necrosis.

    b) from the calf anti-inflamatory medicine I was on (the flector patch) a skin patch which works over time.

    Could also be a combo!

    Lorrie was doing the photography while I drove. It was an amazing drive from LA to LV. Vegas...only if I am spending very little time in smokey areas. I hope you are healing well.

  3. Holy Cow Bob - The Brown Recluse is a very dangerous and deadly spider - if that was it, so glad that you caught it in time. And are in Excellent overall health! Scary! Also the anti-inflamatory meds.... another possiblity. Whatever it was, it certainly "got you good" (as they say in the South!)

    I'm healing well - am tearing up the track (who knew that walking could be so "entertaining?")and am day-by-day feeling better. I MAY even hop in the pool in another week.... The stitches are doing great! Thanks again for everything....