Friday, April 11, 2008

Olympic Boycott? Think Again

There has been a lot about a potential boycott of the games in China.  Yes, there is a lot bad about China.  However, this is not the time or way to try to influence them to change.  

You want to boycott?  Stop buying anything made in China.  (Good luck by the way.)

Upset about human rights violations in China?  What are you doing here to forward human rights?

I think there are a lot of people who are like moths.  (Meaning that when they see the TV lights a switch gets flipped somewhere.)  Think Ben Aflac (intentional) who was actively campaigning for people to vote but wasn't registered to vote himself.  Nice job jackhole.  I haven't missed a single election since I got the right to vote.  People died for that...but it is Friday and I want to stay positive.

So...back the candidates who advocate us participating in the games.  Back the families and athletes as they prepare.  This is all a minor distraction for them.  The good news...our President is a "sports fan" and probably will let them play.  (Did you know that Bush is a relative of President Pierce?  - my US History degree pays off)

Athletes - go get 'em.

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