Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My New Ride

The Craftsman LT 2000...not what you thought was it? It arrived yesterday. Manual transmission, 42" wide cutting deck. I cruised through my lawn (1:30 minutes with the old mower) 44 minutes flat - just under 1/2 the time with edging and all. This thing is a go cart with cutting blades. It is very strong and fast. I wonder what I'll do with my extra time - the "old" mower took 1:30 just for the lawn and another 30 minutes for edging. Now...44 minutes from start your engines to done...What a scream!


  1. i bet you could shave at least 10 seconds with carbon wheels and a lighter saddle on that thing.

  2. I didn't say it but I was thinking about efficiency. This is all aluminum and cast iron. A little carbon here and there and loose the "I have an enormous ass" seat and we really have something.

    It DOES have a cup/beer holder and a few "idiot proof" features I like. Last night it held the coffee mug I had nicely. (It was 39 F at 7 pm.)