Thursday, April 3, 2008

Knowing Where You Are

It's one thing to plan and give yourself a map.  It is another to not have any clue if you are on the map or not.

Leaving California and Las Vegas I had a good idea where my fitness was.  I was smashed.  Trashed.  Detonated.  Wasted.  So sitting on the sidelines is absolutely killing me as I recover from my bug bite or allergic reaction from medicine to help said bug bite.  I am about to go to the doctor and hope to get approval to do...well, anything.  (I understand what you must feel like Marit.)  I am bringing my bike for the Thursday night ride but I'm not sure how hard I'll be able to go.  (Dean just threw something somewhere.)  I won't go that hard....ish.  I feel I'm recovered from cycling for 10 days in San Diego and the Las Vegas desert.  Of course...I also haven't been on my bike at all since last Thursday because of this skin reaction.  So tonight's ride (think positive here)...may be just an easy spin with wattage held under 150 watts (PA-LEASE).  150 watts...I use more than that to go up the stairs.  I know that Dean is right so I will ride easy...mostly. 

In the triathlon training class I teach (mostly first timers preparing for their first sprint triathlon, one guy (coached by Jenny) is going to IM Wisconsin, and another (coached by Jen Hadfield) is going to the Steelhead 70.3.  Those folks (with the exception of Jenny's athlete) aren't sure where they are right now.  They know what they've been doing in their workouts but won't know how they stack up until they race a few races.

I'm more excited to understand WHERE I am after this camp.  I know that my resting pulse right now is 52, my "own index" on my Polar RS 800 is two points higher (significant) than on day zero of camp and my weight (before the drugs they gave me for the bite) was 185 (-5 lbs from pre-camp).  Not ideal but I'm getting there.  The meds have pushed my weight up but it is mostly water; I feel like a balloon full of water.  My skin is "squishy" and the weight is up to 198 (!)  but you cannot put 12 lbs. on in three days if you are eating small salads and watching the hell out of your diet unless they give you some serious drugs.  ...and remember, I can pack on the pounds very easily.

So if permission is granted...

Swim - I haven't swam in a week but have been on the Vasa trainer.  I am dying to get in the pool.  I have a good base and want to polish up my swim for the FL 70.3 and the work I need to do will take a few days.  My swim won't be "great" by my standards based on my California swims but it should be "in the team picture" compared to other years.  I see a T1000, 20 x 100 on 1:30 and some 100, 200 and 500 for time in my future.

Bike - Legs feel great (look terrible, but feel great).  I am looking forward for the green light to ride tonight.  My final preparation for FL 70.3 on the bike really needs to focus on sustained power intervals.  I'm not sure I'm "all there" on the bike just yet.  I do feel strong.  In California, on the PCH I know that I was putting Dean, Jim and Russ into suffering doing a sustained aerobic effort (for me).  This surprised me because I was anything but the King of the Mountains in California.  I suppose being 60 lbs. heavier than Dean and riding a 42 x 23 instead of a 42 x 26 also had something to do with that.  I still don't like that feeling of falling behind on a climb.  Send that polka dot jersey to Dean.  I think I'm more of a green jersey guy.  So these next few weeks will tell me where I really am on the bike.  

Run - I have no idea where I am.  This, I will not lie, is freaking me out.  I worked so hard on my run from August through February.  This is probably also the cause of said calf problems.  I was running VERY well (for me) in February and haven't run a step since.  My calf feels OK and held together in San Diego in an onslaught of cycling, climbing and walking.  I get to add water running this week and more elliptical machine but we all know that is not running on land.  The only thing keeping me sane is that my marathon PR was done with only 4 runs on land - all water running.  So there is hope.  I probably won't have the top end speed but honestly (as I told my friend Jim last night) my goal for the FL 70.3 is to a) run the entire way - no walking due to fitness or injury b) stay healthy c) get under 1:50 (I know...pathetic, I agree but consider what is going on here.) 

Where I am on my map is to 1) get healthy, b) (that is for you Lorrie), loose weight 3) do some volume on the bike with speed, 4) suffer in some shorter races - work on the high end sustained speed.

The road to Kona in 2010 starts with fitness in 2008 for a 2009 qualifier.  It takes time.

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