Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An iPod Full of Nothing

My first run of 5 Km since the first Sunday in February was this morning. I did it. I'm not limping or sore. Considering that we had a hilly bike ride on Sunday (with Elizabeth) and taught Spinning on Monday (with a swim) those are good signs. My confidence is growing that I won't embarrass myself in Orlando in 26 days - at least for 2/3rds of the race. My body is not in the least rested. I was a little nervous about the workout to be honest.

I warmed up and then started trotting. After a bit, I was really running. Running at all is great; especially great when you see 8:50/mile and your heart rate is 128 (low). This is something that makes you smile and nobody around you understands why that guy is trotting on the treadmill and smiling. I had two personal trainers ask me what I was listening to. "Footfalls!" I said. "My own footfalls." I showed them a dark iPod. I wasn't listening to a thing. I was just enjoying the whir of the treadmill and my feet hitting the belt.

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