Friday, April 25, 2008

How to get whatever you want

  1. Ask intelligently.
  2. Ask specifically - Clarity is power.  (e.g. "I want more money." OK, here is $1.  You have more money now.  Are you happy?)
  3. Ask someone who has the ability to help you.  (e.g. This person must have the knowledge and the ability to communicate HOW to execute what you are doing.  They must also be WILLING TO HELP.  One without the other and you have the wrong person.)
  4. Ask a congruent belief.  (What is congruent?  A believe that doesn't go against your core beliefs and is something you truly believe in.  You cannot coach desire (aka: heart).  You either want it or you don't.)
  5. Ask UNTIL ______.  You meet your goals.
What happens if you do all of these and still don't make your goal.  Change one thing and go through the entire process.  (This is the fun part.)  

Don't be afraid of change.  Embrace the chaos of constant change.  Lean into it like a sail in the wind.  You'll go faster like a sailboat.  -- Robert Mitera

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