Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dark Times - A New Hope

A long time ago, but somehow in the future...

Episode IV

A New Hope

It is a time of civil war in the triathlon community, and renegade paragraphs are floating through space and the Internet.

Qualified coaching services cannot be found for under $200/month. Drafting and hGH are taking over the sport. Cheating (or sorta bending the rules) is socially acceptable. Race organizers and some rebellious athletes are trying to stop the Empire of cheating and evil in order to grow the sport and quell the tide, but are over matched by greed, selfishness and entitlement of upper middle class and wealthy/type A athletes.

During the battle, rebellious athletes and race directors managed to steal cheating athletes secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, drafting, an armored way with enough power to ensure a personal record or and qualifying slot in virtually any galaxy.

Pursued by cheating athletes, the rebellious athletes joined with race officials with new ideas that can grow the sport and save the people who follow the rules and restore freedom and justice to the galaxy of races with qualifying slots...

(Yeah...I just watched the Family Guy tribute to Star Wars known as Blue Harvest last night after workout. A real Star Wars geek would know what Blue Harvest means (if you ask, I'll tell you)...I also got the approval to run 1.0 miles on the treadmill from the physical therapist! A new hope indeed. WOO HOO!)

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