Wednesday, April 16, 2008

By the Numbers and Biggest Looser

Two miles, 130 bpm, 5.6 mph - felt easy. I am feeling strong on the dreadmill but I have to admit it isn't so dready these days as I am enjoying running. I admit I'm looking forward to some crushed limestone trail running later this week. Let's not call the travel agent to book tickets to Clearwater just yet (my goal for the FL 70.3 is to finish - NOT HURT- low expectations I know) so don''t look for a 1:30 something run OK? The "nice" thing about having wicked bad Achilles tendinitis is there are no expectations on my running. No...X pace for X miles and X heart rate at X elevation. I just get to go run. Simple. I like it.

Today is a new challenge. I am riding for an hour at lunch and then (a drum roll please) I run two miles AGAIN! Yes, back to back days. (prince wave left and right) The number I'm concerned about...swimming. Due to this skin reaction to the venom I haven't been in the water in two full weeks and my Oakley gym bag no longer smells like chlorine. Tonight...I also get to remedy this. That is three sports in one day (nine hours actually). Hold me back!

The numbers are starting to say good things.

Speaking of good numbers...I have to admit I love the NBC TV show The Biggest Looser. Seeing these folks over four to five months loose a boat load of weight is really inspiring. I'm actually jealous. I'd love to get an opportunity to work with trainers daily, have a doctor oversee my medical stats and work with nutritionist to ensure I loose weight the right way. I know I'm not morbidly obese but you have to admit it would be cool to see what you could do if you had guidance like this. What they are doing is motivating a lot more people to get healthy. This show is really re-defining the idea of how to loose weight. My only concern is that I'd like to see behind the curtain and understand what they are watching and why. Is it healthy to drop 151 lbs in five months like the first female winner did? She went from 268 to 117 in five months and looks pretty hot I must say. The second place guy went from 386 to 201. She lost more than 50% of herself and he was like memory of their weights isn't accurate but WOW! In my own triathlon career, I started at 235 and went to 157. I'm back up to 188 but I'm trending lower on they way to 140 to 150 something...ladies.'d have to get past Lorrie at that point and good luck with that!

I have heard that before Luc Van Lierde won Kona the first time he was working with an entourage of medical professionals to fine tune his training. Heart rate and blood pressure = x then you train Y. Pretty cool and apparently it really works.

Everything has a methodology, winning and loosing weight.


  1. I hardly EVER watch TV but I LOVE The Biggest Loser! The transformations are amazing. I have an entry on my blog a week or so ago about the show :)

  2. First - hooray for All 3 Sports in ONE DAY! That's excellent! You must be very very happy about that. Hope the swim goes well - knowing you, you'll rip out a 200 fly in no time. :)

    Yes, TBL is an interesting show. I didn't follow it much this past season, but I am still impressed by these individuals. I like how the trainers and staff work on teaching the contestants about LIFESTYLE change, not just about "diet and exercise". It's the approach to nutrition, to exercise, to dealing whith WHY the individual is overweight to begin with.

    Besides, I always like seeing people succeed. It makes me happy!

    BUT, you're right - is it really safe to drop that much weight in 5 months? 117 pounds.... Hhhhmmmmm... That's an average of about 23 or so pounds per month. Which equates to just over 4 pounds per week.... For a female getting down to 117 - you HAVE to wonder. In the beginning, I can understand such a dramatic loss. But to keep that much up for 5 months...?

    I wonder what the contestants are like 6 months to 1 year after the show is over?

    Interesting case study.

    Good luck with the swim!

  3. Hi Marit -

    Yeah...kinda concerned about the "big secret" about how they got there. I know that if I had 5 months of trainer, chef and dedication - I'd like to see what I could do but WOW...that is a lot of weight in a short time. I hope it was done in a healthy way with physicians etc.