Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Breakthrough Experience

With each powerful step, the world seemed to be transformed.  A phenomenal evening of warm sun and very light winds.  I could feel my race in FL being transformed.  On this run I realized that I have one of the most extraordinary events in my racing life occurring.  In the end, I was left with new strategies, skills and ideas about how to prepare for FL and still could achieve the type of exceptional race quality I expect from myself at a big Ironman  or half Ironman (70.3) race.

While I was running, I identified what was slowing me down.  The lack of ideas toward my own training and execution of those ideas with the same tenacity I take on life.  I realized that I wasn't thinking.  I believe (key word) that I've found the strategies, principles and keys that will make a difference for me and not only in my communications to myself (within my own head) but my beliefs about myself and what is possible with some thought and then effort.  

One of the keys to this transformational moment involves the commitment to playing full out throughout the entire program.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  All in.  Whatever it takes.  (Somebody should make a movie with that title...oh, too late.)  My only sign off I have to get is my wife - but I'll want her on board anyway so no big deal.  Once I tell her my plan she will be all in too.  Sustained energy and drive brought into the plan will carry me beyond my goals and impacting others as well.  This is my chance to become a pioneer in training for big events.  NOW is the chance to breakthrough.  I need to take the necessary actions toward achieving my goals.  I will keep asking until I find the right person or persons.  There is a saying that "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."  This means that when an Ironman Champion and his organization originally say they'd be interested in working with me and then change to not having the courtesy of returning an email or phone call - not even with a text with "call you in three weeks, busy."  That means that he is not the right teacher.  I'll just keep asking the questions until I find that teacher who will help me achieve my goals.  I may already know who they are.  Ones that return calls in say, two days. 

When I finished running (most of it was done on VERY thick, rough grass) and had covered 3.5 miles in gentle hills with a reasonable, zone 2 heart rate in 30 minutes.  

So, hold onto your seats, be flexible, and get ready to create history -- the revolution has begun. This trip is just before sunrise.

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