Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You're Doing What on your Spring Break?

San Diego will be no day at the beach. (This photo is from St. Maarten in the Caribbean.)  My colleagues at work found my training plan and said, "You're doing what on your spring break?  Dude, you're high."

I'm preparing for the annual spring training trip with Dean Hewson.  Dean is so easy going and knowledgeable that I really value the time I get to train with him.  Dean has prepared the bike and run workouts...I have prepared the swim workouts.  This year we are bringing two other guys with us Russ and Jim.  No doubt...all three of us will see a healthy dose of Dean's back wheel and hear, "How are you guys doin'?"  A lot over the next week.  In Tucson last year, only twice did I get to turn the tables on Dean and ask him that.  But if you read Elizabeth's blog about swimmers...well, most of that ride Dean was torching me...until the end.  (I was the dark horse.)

So this morning, I am be packing my power, strength (and hope I have enough endurance - probably not but that is why we are going), and salad fork.  Here is where college swimming really pays off.  Every year in college we'd do an annual training trip where sets seemed to be thought up by a prison warden somewhere.  L-O-N-G sets...however, that is exactly what I'm looking for.  Just a warning to those in So. Cal...in the "fat cannot be created or destroyed only changed" saying...I plan on leaving about 10 lbs. on your streets and swimming pools.  I promise to make sure that it gets picked up by someone...just not me.

At any restaurant you see me at...just pass the salad and a pitcher of water.  (A salad the size of Rhode Island and throw a whole chicken on it.)  Somewhere Lauren just screamed.

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  1. we're having a blast out here in san luis obispo for xXx Spring break :)