Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You'd be Amazed at How Long an Hour Can Be

I gambled with my fitness this winter. Every Tuesday night this winter I passed on my usual weights routine and joined my wife and a guy named Mark in their "small group personal training" at Midtown Athletic Club. The change in routine was good. As I have said in other blog entries, at Midtown the WOMEN are the ripped ones. Dudes...well, bulk muscle, yours truly included. The "older" the woman...the more ripped she is.

Last night Mark and Lorrie had their excuses 1) I'm running two companies that I own; like we haven't heard that one before 2) I'm sick and just threw up all over the bathroom; sure, take a day off I guess. What some people will do to get out of a workout!

That left me one on one with Becky our trainer.

Becky, sounds like a nice name. Becky is every body's friend. The woman who bakes cookies for the office. Becky, the person who doesn't mind if you throw up in her car. Tuesday night Becky 5' 7" 120 lbs. Becky...threw me a beating.

You know its bad when you are in the FIRST SET of abs and sweat is rolling down your face harder than when you were on the bike this morning - and you were holding 223 watts for about 1 hour. (need to take that to the road) In a matter of seconds my abs seemed to be paralyzed. Honestly, I was just trying to breathe and execute the workout tasks from the forewoman. The good news is that I have a solid two pack that could be a four, six or eight pack but the other abs are still hiding under my 189 lbs. and my low back (a bone of contention for years) can do an awful lot now.

Legs. Famous last words, "Since you're a triathlete and the others aren't here, we'll kick it up a notch for legs tonight." Becky proceeds to load me down like a mule with weight and then says, "OK...lunges for the length of the track." Oh sh*t! You know its bad when other trainers are stopping their groups and lining the track to encourage you. "WOW! Keep going! You look great." I felt like I was at an Ironman. Legs and arms shaking like a rolling wave. Ordinarily, you would try to "look cool" but forget that - just hold your form and execution - don't worry about how you look. Even the "beef" in the gym was like, "Dude, nice work." From there, we went right to the same leg work on stability devices of multiple types where I looked like the floor was liquid I was moving around so much trying to stabalize myself.

This continued for an hour which felt like 20 minutes at times and at others...2 hours.

Today, I'm licking my wounds but as Herb Brooks said from the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Champions, "AGAIN! Gentlemen, you don't have enough talent to win on talent alone." Big swims and bike rides today. 10 days until training camp...this winter is getting short on time and I can feel it now. I'm coming back from California/Nevada in the high 170s.

A big thanks to Bree and Lauren for "raw" eating advice. You gals are the quan. When I'm ~155 lbs in Kona and looking good, remember it was because you were there.

I used to work at a "high energy" radio station in college - DJ, news, etc. (techno/electronica/dance) Try this during a bike ride....


  1. Nice Job! I just spent a few minutes catching up on your blog... sorry to hear about Team Polar - sounds like you had a great experience and some wonderful teammates! Couldn't help but laugh at the vision of you lunging down the track, loaded down with weights, and OTHER personal trainers/clients cheering you on. Priceless!

  2. Last night was something special! I'm so sore! Holy cats! The best part was a friend who is the sales guy told me to "Knock it off because you are scaring away new members. They'll think all the trainers make them work that hard." I must say it was really uplifting to be cheered on by a large part of the gym. Personally...the guy I cheer on is Tommy. The guy who lost all that weight who is still a big dude. When he started he was 500+ lbs and today he is under 400. What a hard worker. He is the real gym hero; courage, hard work and sweat!