Monday, March 10, 2008

Take a Look Around - Doping in Triathlon - Inside Triathlon Article

I have to say that I'm behind on my reading.

Please pick up the Inside Triathlon from March (I believe) and read the GREAT article by Timothy Carlson on doping in Triathlon. Seldom do I agree with an article like this. I really appreciate the author going to Jeff Cuddelback (an Ironman legend in my opinion) and getting his completely open and honest opinion.

Jeff said exactly how many times he has been drug tested and his thoughts about testing the top five overall in all races and the top three in a random age group. This would leverage costs and put everyone up to drug testing. I agree with Jeff that this is a good balance between dollars and testing. Ideally, if you "qualify" for anything...I think you should be tested - whether that is to represent Team USA (or whatever country you represent), Kona, Clearwater, ITU Worlds. If you must pee in a cup or give blood.

I agree and also disagree with Floyd Landis' representative who is quoted in the article saying something like, "It is pathetic for amateurs to dope to qualify for a meaningless competition (Kona)." may be "meaningless" for him and for professional athletes but for the person putting in 20-40 hours a week preparing for most certainly is not meaningless. It is, however, pathetic. What kind of looser to you have to be where this is so important in your life that you feel the need to dope? It is nieve to think that amateur athletes (with money) wouldn't lower themselves to the same level of some pro athletes with doping. Take a look at the new bikes in Triathlete Magazine or Inside Triathlon and you know that in the February issue the AVERAGE new bike was about $6,200. If you are paying retail for that type of bike you probably have money for other things. "Anti Aging" treatment in hGH...steroids, super hemorrhoid cream...whatever.

Take a read of the article please. Then re-read it.

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