Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Chicago Tribune Article about the ALS Spin a Thon

This just in...,0,539617.story

For the record, the real heroes are the families of ALS patients. All John and I are doing is trying to help. Where this article is very kind to us, we would prefer that the attention go to those battling the disease, treatment and cure discussion, and funding.

Real heroes are people like Aimee and Jim ( and trying to raise three children while Aimee struggles with ALS. Aimee is a 39 year old, mother of three...her children are just beginning to see what ALS does and I need to stop typing because we all know the eventual outcome without a miracle. Working on raising money and awareness about ALS and meeting their extended family has been a privilege and I will continue to fight for them as they cannot fight ALS and try to raise money and awareness.

In September of 2005 most triathletes would have said ALS is some kind of carbon racing wheel. Now, many know the grim reality. (Still...some don't get it.) It was really offensive for some athletes in Kona in 2006 and Clearwater to walk up to Jon Blais - then in a wheelchair, his voice failing more often than not...and asking him if he was going to race. We still have a long way to go.

So on this opening day of baseball my prayer is that we strike out ALS once and for all.

Go Cubs!

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