Friday, March 21, 2008

One more week

I am trashed from a week with Dean, Russ and Jim. Stairs hurt.

My swim is coming together and I know which sets I will have to complete between now and May to be ready for May 18th. My cycling is significantly better and my power seems to have improved over the week. This next week will be more about consistancy than anything else as I'll be staying out west (thankfully). I will be riding to continue the improvement - massage is for mid-next week.

The most exciting total...5 lbs. lost - I am 185 with another week to ride. My goal of loosing 10 lbs out west is on track. (I have been eating a lot of volume too so this is all good "weight" to loose.)

Famous last words...."Bob, you'll be fine with a 23." Later that week..."Oh, I didn't remember you had a 42 on the front. Maybe you should have used the 25." Um...yeah.

We are packing now and then off to see Marit before heading to Mission Viejo for Easter...and some insane swimming sets.


  1. are you running 53/42 on the front, or something even bigger?

  2. Hope you showed those 13-year old speeders WHO'S BOSS!

    I was sending you GOOD VIBES for your swim (and safe drive).

    Thanks again to you and to Lori for everything... it has meant so much.