Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday - The "easy" day

This morning we rode for 1:45 and covered about 32 miles at low heart rate and power. Amazing what happens when you ride rollers instead of hills out here. We started in the cold (38 F) - I know...whatever. The sun was out and it quickly jumped into the 40s. I took the lead and pulled the entire way to Oceanside. I feel fine and really don't need/want an easy day but since we have four more days of training...probably should rest a bit. Tomorrow is one of the really long bike rides of the trip. So, shower, eat, stretch - this is also a multitasking activity. We'll go for a swim in the pool later.

After our ride...we waded into the Pacific Ocean (58 F water temps) to cool down. This is becoming out post ride habit on this trip. We saw some small whales off the beach in the kelp having a late breakfast.

Swim...and maybe some WATER POLO (!!!) later this afternoon. POLO! POLO! POLO! If you haven't played water polo outside in the haven't lived.

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  1. Bob
    Glad you guys saw Elizabeth, Marit and that gang...Sounds like a fun swim! :) Be safe out there! Tell Dean HELLO! Jen & Jerome