Friday, February 8, 2008

We're Going to Do Something! The Spin a thon for ALS

Triathlon is a privledged sport. Your typical racer....

The average household income is $94,000.
The average education is at least one college degree.

If you look in Inside Triathlon or Triathlete Magazine today the average bike is about $4,500 - without the fancy racing wheels. A typical race ready bike is easily $6,200.

We're not asking for that kind of about ordering a small Starbucks on one day and sending in $2? Not to make anyone feel bad...but we have an entire Jr. HS wrestling team who will be riding and donating their allowances to ALS research.

So here we are asking you the triathlete (great or small) to make a contribution to the ALS Spin a Thon. This year we have been blessed with exceptional media coverage here in Chicago, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Joining us this year are pro triathletes, pro cyclists (athletes of all levels really); and today I got a call from six 80+ year old ladies who will ride for 10 minutes each (again) to honor their girlfriend who died of ALS last year. (To be honest, it is always a treat to have them at the event!) We'll have a rock star - Pearl Jam guitarist really; he's shed his "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll" for "exercise, all natural food...and sex" in his words.

Join us in a solidarity ride on Saturday - whether you are in Kona, Tucson or frozen Chicago. A ride to raise awareness of ALS and to raise money for research. ALS is a motor neuron disease, so anything having to do with muscles and the brain/nerves - is affected by this research. Recently, research has seemed to find benefit for CF, MD, MS and ALS as well as some types of epilepsy and blindness.

No arguement that that is all good progress.

Here is a link to donate online:

Want to meet us live?
YMCA - Palatine
1400 Northwest Highway
Palatine, IL

ALL DAY! From 6 AM to 4 PM

When Can I Ride?
We have openings between 10 am and 2pm.

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