Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There will be Hell to Pay

Ever do something and know that your wife or significant person will be really pissed? Well, I did that this morning.

From a household chores standpoint, I will do anything...just don't ask me to assemble the garbage and recycling. Lorrie will put neat little bags in the recycling bin separating out aluminum, newspaper, plastic etc. and label each bag. (Think anal retentive chef from Saturday Night Live...I always tease her about that.) "Ok, now that you've cut the onion. Wrap the onion in celophane. Place it in a bag. Now put it in a paper bag and label the outside of the bag neatly. Fold the top of the bag and then staple the top of the fold three times."

So here is the deal; I clean. Cook. Grocery shop (mostly) and do my own laundry and ironing. (Fashionistas take note.) Lorrie...is garbage girl.

Today...Lor had a hard time waking up. (So did I actually...tonight is going to be a long workout- make it a "double stuff" workout.) So I was left with the dreaded garbage and recycling and snow shoveling duties. Assembling the garbage...I looked through the 'fridge and started throwing out crap. Anything that was my wife's treat...saved on the top shelf and labled as "Lorrie's Treats". I'm not eating that. We are out of white sugar...does honey count as sugar? Can I put that in coffee and loose weight? We'll see.

Today is the day to change the diet permenantly, so forgive this blog for the next few weeks of diet detox. I may get the shakes. (humming Give me Shelter from The Rolling Stones).

There is nothing good on...ever. When a woman like "Omorosa" is a retread on a reality show by Donald Trump - its the clue phone and it is for you. This is not Omorosa (below) because I am not going to be a part of her false celebrity. (Kinda like the Hilton sisters...famous for being...well, infamously spoiled, out of touch, no values, slutty, overaged party girls.) Trump may be a good business man but on TV it he comes off with an ego the size of an age group triathlete who is an Ironman contender but never a qualifier...you know the type. Drafting because "everyone else is doing it"...has the new $10,000 bike every two years...goes to the wind tunnel because he "needs the edge". Taking Andro and using the inhaler as an aid and not for the Rx it was given for. Give me a frickin' break. Isn't it amazing that we have like 900 channels and rarely are there really thought provoking shows? That's because "The Matrix" doesn't want you thinking. They want to tell you what to think. If you thought for yourself...you become dangerous. Turn it off. Walk away. The happiest year of my life was 2000 and I couldn't tell you one TV show that year to save my life.

You don't think that by exercising (your body or your mind) instead of watching TV leads to a more rich life do you?

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