Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bad Sunday

I've got "extraordinarily" large calves from swimming and the gene pool I'm out of. In college, at a low body weight I was able to leg press 750 lbs and swim 200 meters of breastroke with the best in the world - 750 lbs is roughly five times my body weight. Today, these calves are more of a pain in the rear end then a benefit. (Although, I get a lot of comments in the summer from chicks. Isn't that what it's all about really?) Who cares if you're have to look good. My wife knows that the chicks who dig sculpted legs seem to find me. Likewise...dudes who dig long, thin legs and incredible eyes congregate around Lorrie like bees to a flower. (Grrrr)

Yesterday, I show up to the "Home Economist" run in Barrington, IL (aka: Fischer Nut now) - "old school" folks still call it 'Home Eco'. In the late 1990s this run was packed. 60+ people departing at 7 am. This is a take no prisoners run. The Home Eco will kick you in the "sweet spot" and make you like it. If you are training for Boston (most of the folks running here are) or you are trying to get fit enough to handle any triathlon course...Home Eco is your winter home. People drive up to 90 minutes one way to run here it's that tough of a run. Bring your own water, TP...and don't fall apart half way through because you still have to make it back. Sunday there were about 60 people there - the parking lot was nearly full at 6:45 am! WOW! That hasn't happened for a long time. My "party" was there and ready to go at 6:55 so we took off and stayed of the front which is odd because I run "aerobic" zone 1/2 pace the whole way and most people hammer that run - especially when lots of folks are there. I was moving right along at 8:26/mile pace (in these hills that is about 7:26 pace most other runs. Feeling solid. There is a hill on a street called Donlea which is quite nasty. For some dumb reason...not thinking...I decided to 'just' run up the hill. I haven't run the tough uphills all winter while rehabing these calves. Sunday...I guess I thought I was fine because it felt so easy. Then it happened. RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPP - there goes the right calf. Damn it! (Not exactly what I said.) Good thing the houses (multi-million dollar mansions) are set back from the road. Although, I'm pretty sure I offended someone's horse who was looking at me as I was cursing my leg. Sorry buddy. The Home Eco run goes through Barrington Hills. The town of Barrington Hills has to approve all home designs and has minimum requirements to build; $5M, 70% brick, 7 achers of get the picture. Basically, I just use their roads until I win the lottery or some rich person adopts me.

Now some 50 minutes into my run at about 6 run turns into a limp. 6 miles to limp back to the car in 23 F weather, in wet clothing head to toe. After stretching and using a rock for soleus "cold stone therapy" - no relation to the ice cream store - I was able to run the flats and downhills a bit but was trying to shuffle more than run to protect my calf and stay warm. One by one groups started to catch and drop me. "Dude...sorry to hear about your leg. That sucks. We'll send a car."

By the time I drove home, my leg was stiff as a board and throbbing. I put on compression socks after a shower, then the night splint and elevated it with ice bags on it. The calf today has a blue-green bruise (not good) and I was at the physical therapist at 7:45 am after swimming getting ultrasound and electro-stim. It is better but not great. I'm calling Dan McKenzie - massage therapist to champions and setting up three or four 90 minute appointments in the next 10 days.
So a set back yesterday. Memo to not run stupid hard hills at 8:30/mile until you are recovered ya' big dummy.

Time for a little flame thrower comment...

MEMO to Jordin Sparks, the NFL, FOX Television -
The National Anthem at the Super Bowl should be lip synched er...sung by a big time performer and not a person who "won" a reality TV show (of which I've never seen a single nanosecond) on the network that broadcast the Super Bowl. That was the most transparent plug of a FOX program we saw all day. It was pathetic! Past Super Bowl Anthem singers? Natalie Cole, Billy Joel, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Diana Ross...and Jordin Sparks. Which one doesn't belong? When I heard that Ms. Sparks was the Anthem singer my response was, "Who the hell is that?" Secondly, if you "win the lottery" and in corporate/network stupidity you are selected to sing at the Super Bowl...actually sing. Even if you are supposed to lip synch...sing damn it. Demand to sing. They selected you. FOX TV producers...if you KNOW she is going to lip synch...don't show a close up on her "singing"! Duh! It embarress her and you. The National Anthem is written a certain way. I believe it is disrespectful (punishable by singing lessons with Roseann Barr) to sing that song any other way than written. You were not asked for your interpretation of the Anthem - you were asked to sing the Anthem. That loud boo-ing you heard before the game started? That was me... aaarrrrghhh! Below is a picture of Ms. Sparks...not singing.
Congrats to the NY Giants and a family friend who is an Offensive Lineman. Way to go man! I'm happy you won...but mad that I have to hear about how "great" the 1972 angry men of the Miami Dolphins are for yet another year. Maybe next year you can pound the Dolphins into dust. The Dolphin franchise cannot loose enough for me. Squish the fish!

Congrats to Tom Petty who showed he can still rock and sing live - take note Ms. Sparks - this is how it is done! Good commercial for your upcoming tour.
Lastly, if you watched the Super Bowl we all know the FOX TV schedule by heart; so we know what we aren't watching on at least one network.

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