Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pop goes the soleus!

That may be over dramatic.

Regular readers of these blog entries know that I've been sick for about four days. A nasty cold or flu which is ripping through the midwest. I had strung quite a few solid workouts in a row (14 days worth for the record) so perhaps it was time for some rest. Planned or unplanned.

Last night, I get on my TT bike. Pop in a Spinervals DVD and start a workout. Solid ride. Since I hadn't run in four days...I decided to do 30 minutes easy on the treadmill. It started great. My heart rate was low and my spirit was soaring as I clipped a long at my "normal" aerobic pace in spite of a layoff. At 23 minutes it happened.

Pop goes the right soleus. I immediately started walking. I stopped for only a minute or so. Collected my thoughts which were something like this and I quote, "@#$%?*#!" I was so pissed that I just kept walking on the tready until I got to a distance that I wanted to get to - which wasn't too far.

So here I am...14 days from training camp and there is no way I can run. My thoughts are in May and the FL 70.3 right now. How much would it suck to swim a 25, bike a 2:28 and then walk 13.1? I'm seeing Dan McKenzie from Advanced Muscle Therapy tonight (scheduled) for another round of treatment. I'll ask him if I can talk to the Chicago Wolves orthopedic because a simple strain should have been fine by now.

On a positive note, cycling doesn't hurt at all, swimming just when I push off the walls - so instead of running...I'll be riding and swimming...a lot. When are aquathon nationals?

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