Thursday, February 7, 2008

Money: Credit Card Tip

Here is a tip from a recovering private financial planner.
If you have any debit on your credit card you know how tough it is to pay off. Here's how to get ahead.
In most credit cards, part of your interest calculation is how many days since your last payment. So you can "cut" the interest rate by making multiple payments in a month. I'd recommend your first payment be the "minimum" required payment. So if my bill is $50 due on February 8th, pay $50 for that due date. Here is where you make up ANY AMOUNT after that and the "days from last payment" portion of your interest calculation resets to zero. Look at the fine print in your card statement - odds are very good that this is in there. Most major cards function this way. In theory, if you made a $50 payment once a month and then paid $0.01 every day - you'd be at zero interest. 0 days since last payment * any number = 0 right? You get it!
We used to joke..."How do you get 21% return on your money?" Answer: Pay off your credit cards.

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