Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It is Alive! Lynskey Performance is in the House er, Bike Shop

As I'm driving home from my dentist's office in a burgeoning snow storm last night I get a message from my wife, "Oh...your road bike frame arrived at Village today." YES! My day was made. A titanium bike that weighs as much as carbon but has the ride of a limo. Dura Ace (or dur-a-chie - as we call it (sounds more European) if you prefer. This is really not an "Oh, by the way" comment but I'll look past that for Lorrie.

I've only owned one bike at any one time. Ok...two. I have a mountain bike (XL frame when I should ride a M) that I ride to work from time to time. I've never had a time trial bike and a road bike. My TT bike is a 1998 Litespeed Blade - the same bike Lance Armstrong rode to victory in Le Tour. It was painted blue with Trek stickers. My bike was also one of the last bikes that David Lynskey built. He signs every frame he makes. So this new bike is courtesy of a new sponsor of mine, Lynskey Performance. Lynskey founded Litespeed and then sold it to the American Bike Group, had a seven year non-complete clause (geez that is long) and now is making great bikes again.

So tomorrow, I'll be off to the bike shop to visit the new bike. I don't know if it is a him or a her. I don't know its name. We will suffer and succeed together. I will read The Little Engine that Could to it. We will bond. I do know it is Made to go...FAST! The Lynskey motto.

The engine is 95% now and itching to ride on the trainer tonight.


  1. HAPPY NEW bike, BOB!!!!!!!!!! Is there anything better in the TRI world?? :)

  2. COOL! I hope you LOVE your new bike and have a ton of awesome adventures and races....

  3. Dear Bob,

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the bike. If there is anything we can do for you please let us know.

    Thanks for choosing Lynskey!


    Mark Lynskey