Friday, February 22, 2008

Burn it out!

I was sitting here miserable from this head cold and got an idea. Burn it out.

Yes - find the hottest of the hot and eat what I can hold down.

We have a hot sauce here called Armageddon Sauce. A friend of mine got it for me from a tavern in upstate NY. So I took out some soy chips and started dipping them. The smell of the sauce was making me sweat. I actually feel warm now from the inside out and sweat is dripping from my head like I'm running on a 100 F day.

I am starting to feel better by the minute. I will probably take a swing at the main set of this morning...with wicked heartburn I'm sure!

3 x through after 2,000 warm up

4 x 100 on 1:15 hold good average (1:00 - 1:03)
400 free on 5:00 negative split
100 easy on 2:00

20 x 25 no breath on :30

200 easy

1 comment:

  1. Feel better soon! Nothing like a good bit of hot sauce to get you sweating. My hubby is a fan of the hot stuff - but I just can't stomach it. You know its bound to be hot if you need to sign a waiver before you consume it.... swim workout looks like a blast! Eat your hot sauce and then light up the fire in the pool!