Thursday, February 21, 2008

5 of 6

...days in the water. (Tuesday's Lorrie and I car pool to work - so I was in a slightly different pool and after weights the pool at the gym was full with the kids triathlon team and a guy rehabbing his leg.) *Yeah, that sounds kinda funny but hey, it is like -5 outside and I have 18,000 yards in my arms (not counting cycling, running and weights).

Today's challenge - 60 x 100 on 1:30. Matt held all 60 between 1:00 and 1:03 (50 splits between 27 and 32) Solid swimming. I finished the set and made the 1:30 interval! This after 1,650 of kicking. I wasn't even close to Matt's times but not many are. I'm starting to "find" my arms in the water again. Funny, because I never "lost" my arms but somehow they just haven't felt right in 2008 yet. "Hey, who is the guy with no arms in the pool?" 'Oh, that is Bob!' (Oh, I crack myself up.) It is Thrusday right? That means that tonight equals a date with my bike and Spinervals where I get to flip off the TV in the basement sweating buckets.

Tomorrow...If you live in Ed Richardson swim workout. We'll start about 6 AM at the Palatine Y. If you don't know who Ed is...well, I think he is one of the best swim coaches in the United States and would have made a tremendous college coach but stayed at the high school level because he loves teaching. His workouts will get you ready to rock the house. So if you dare, get up early and join us. Ed's "warm up" kick sets will have you throwing up in your mouth before the "main set". Tomorrow's swim session will make 60 x 100 pale by comparison.

If you come to the Y tomorrow...bring your speed and your LT (lactate tolerance) because hell is coming to breakfast.

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  1. Ew.....that is something i would LOVE to show up for....and WOULD...but, fear not, it is Jerome's morning to, instead, I run w/ Dave Walters who will rip my legs off and then swim solo later on. HAVE FUN. Let me know what you guys do!! Jen H.