Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Your Shadow Knows

4:30 AM the alarm rings. It is 10.3 F and completely dark out (we don't have any street lights where I live.)

The run starts. I see a shadow in the snow. It openly mocks me. "You are so slow." I respond, 'I'm base training idiot.' It mocks me again. "You are fat." Again, I respond, 'Yeah? Well, I have more muscle and actual facial features. I'll keep running and get thinner. You'll still just look grey.' The shadow shuts up.

Thirty minutes later...the shadow says, "Nice run. I knew you were strong! We started so early today." I respond. 'Shut up! I don't care what you think. We have another run tonight and weights...and maybe a swim."

The shadow responds, "Oh, I guess I'll see you later then." 'Only if you are in a positive frame of mind. Otherwise, don't show up.'


  1. HA! You are not having a mid-life crisis, are you bob?
    :) Jen H.

  2. No...just very interesting self talk at 4:30 AM in the freezing cold. It was very fun to be aware of the self talk and how it changed. I am starting to learn how to manipulate the talk in my favor even more than I already know how to do.