Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Take off! Excitment of a First Great String of Workouts in a LONG Time...and some gym humor

Tuesday morning I awoke to the temperature down at -5.0 F (down from 50.3 F not 18 hours earlier). Off to the gym and "The Chamber". I've been paying for sessions at this fancy smansy gym where I get to run on a 8,000 feet above sea level. Think you're in shape? Try it at 8,000 feet. My first few runs at this gym had me gasping for air like a gold fish out of water. Today was different.

On the Run
I got on the "dreadmill" in "The Chamber"; I joke that this is like something out of a Steven King novel. I think we need to name the dreadmill 'Christine' or something. Anyway...the room is at 8,000 feet - roughly 15.2 % oxygen in the air. Around here the air is 19.9% oxygen - need I say more? As an "added bonus" the chamer is jacked up to about 85 F and always seems to be humid. No matter how fit you are, you come out looking like a mess.

I started up and my heart rate didn't red line from the start like last time. Good news! I just focused on form in the mirror. I can see only my legs and torso in the mirror they have. In 30 minutes I had run 3.36 miles, now for most of you super humans who read my blog entries; this is kid stuff. For the author, this was the best run in a while. Embarrassing as that is to admit. I have to start somewhere. I was very comfortable at a 90-95 cadence at 8,000 feet.

In the Pool
Try this one on for size.

Warm up - about 1650 - some swim, kick, pull, basic hypoxic
Main set
4 x 500
#1: Pull w/paddles - 100 breath ev. 3rd, 100 ALL OUT, 100 br. ev. 3rd, 100 ALL OUT - to 500 - the all out is all out - if you slow no worries, you should if you are going all out.
#2: Pull no paddles - Same as above except breath every 5th
#3: Swim - same as #1
#4: Swim - same as #2
Vomit in the pool gutter
200 easy

Gym Humor
Tuesday night during our group core session I was joking with one of the new trainers at the gym who was sort of shadowing our trainer Becky. I kept asking Jerome, "How come when I look at myself in this mirror I look fat? In the locker room I have a "six pack". Is this a fun house mirror from a carnival? Or is this how you get us to keep signing up for these core torture sessions?

Additionally, there is a trainer...who I'll call Frank. Frank likes an exercise called "The Wood Chopper". Frank is a good natured, intense trainer who is always looking to make an exercise tougher. I like him. As a joke, the core group started referencing the wood chopper as a degree of difficulty for every other exercise we do. "Yeah, well that's no wood chopper pal." This and me walking around the gym scaring the hell out of other members by periodically yelling, "WOOD CHOPPER!" and then doing some where ever I am in the gym.
This might be a sign that I've been indoors too long.

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