Monday, January 28, 2008

January Triathlon Camp: Learning, Confirming, Motivation and Humble Pie

This past weekend I was at a triathlon camp with about 14 others. The camp was by Spencer Smith and Jennifer Harrison. (Thanks Jen & Jerome!)

I learned a few things about my training. I'm doing about 75% right currently. I need to test myself in all three sports and confirm that I'm training in the right zones for my goals. This needs to happen regularly. I need to go into my "suitcase of courage" and suffer more in all three sports - once a week each. My core work is about on but can be expanded. Testing and using my heart rate monitor correctly will accelerate my progress back to where it should be. Key workouts will be a lot more specific.

I had a feeling the core work I've been doing was about right. As I said above, it just needs to be expanded a bit more. I confirmed that my aerobars need an update as well as my position (I'm not using my leg strength in my cycling...and I have a lot of leg strength to use.) Clients...I'll be sending you these workouts too. Ouch.

I'm fired up because I know I'm doing a lot of right things.

Humble Pie:
I believe "housed" is the term. I thought I was in "decent" shape in the water before yesterday. Sunday, we confirmed that "decent" is the furthest from the truth. Simply put, my aerobic fitness is average at best. (...and we know how we feel about average in my house.) My anaerobic fitness and ability to recover from anaerobic efforts in the water is not OK. I was housed. Humiliated and embarrassed by my performance in the water with only one short exception.

It is "only" January but time flies. We'll be changing the workouts to reflect intervals and recovery in all three sports.

I'm changing my training effective immediately. I will be a different athlete in 30 days.

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