Friday, January 25, 2008

I Wore Her Out!

The road bike is finally in process!  Men...for the exact way I wore my lovely wife down please read Elizabeth's blog entry about her husband and how he got an Xbox; just substitute "bike shop" for Best Buy.  

I "only" have two bikes.   One - my 1998 Litespeed Blade (which is still very kick ass) even at close to 18 lbs.  (Hey, I'm not made of money.)  Bike Two - a mountain bike that is too big for me as I tower at 5' 8".  This bike is too big for my friend Bill who is at least 6' 5" (once you are taller than 6' - it doesn't really matter to me.)

So today I am off to Village CycleSport to begin the "buying process" including measurement.  Outstanding!  There is a good chance that I'll have this bike in time for the San Diego Training Camp (Camp Dean and Bob and Jim and one more).  Those guys will be on road bikes and well, I've been told to be on one too.  

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  1. bob, i have built up a stable so you can use me as a comparison... i know guys who are worse so if this isn't "bad" enough let me know.

    at least I only have 2 pedal systems between all of these (SPD or SPD-SL)

    2005 cannondale caad7 (race bike)
    2001 trex cyclocross (commuter)
    2007 fuji track pro
    1975(ish) schwinn le tour (fixie beater)
    1980(ish) fuji (fixie beater)
    2002 Schwinn Mesa MTB