Friday, January 18, 2008

Frozen Chicago Running

Sunday morning after my long run...this is what I'll look like.
Three months after the Chicago Marathon melted 36,000 runners and had us wondering openly about global warming, now the concept of "warm" appears to be 40 F and a totally different continent.

The forecast is for -2 F and wind chills around -25 to -30 and yes, we are still going to be running. Suck it up! Dress warmly, put Vaseline on your face (anything exposed to the air) and some that aren't, an ice chipper to keep your water bottle open. Our plan is to run 90 minutes - regardless of the weather. "We don't cancel training because of weather. There is no bad weather, only bad clothing choices and mental weakness."

These nasty cold days are where great kicks are built. The mental toughness it takes to run in this is a separator of wills. You talk about "wanting" to do well and goals? Fine. Get your ass outside and earn it. Especially when the weather sucks.

Nobody ever qualified for Ironman Hawaii in January, but they laid the ground work for winning it in January.

Here is what the marina looks like by my house. Eric stay in Seattle!

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  1. No problem, Bob. It's 30F warmer here in the emerald city!