Monday, January 14, 2008

Choosing My Race Schedule

John and I were running Sunday and talking about just about everything including races. Then it occurred to me; don't go to the races with product sponsors that you don't like (even if they are popular races), don't sign up for a race where you know that course cutting is accepted by the race organizers and lastly...don't sign up or support races where blatant drafting is accepted.

Yep...three races will not make the 2008 "cut".

One for using "Heed" - sorry...I just can't stomach the stuff. I must be the only person on the planet who cannot use this company's drink mixes based on my conversations with other racers. For the last two years I finish the race (and because I rarely puke) end up sick to my stomach for 18 to 24 hours. No thanks. I'll stick to MotorTabs, Gatorade Endurance and CarboPro.

The second race...I came out of the water first in my age group. Then was passed by three guys on the bike (kind of typical for me). Passed by one more on the run...I'm fifth right? Nope...try 27th! I know what you're thinking - how many of my age group 21 men in my age group cut the course. (I won't even address the drafting we saw from the 30-34 men or the 25-29 men I caught on the course. It was a freakin' team time trial. I could average 27.8 mph too if I was drafting. *See my two man 55km TT results! - BTW...I could not run well after that effort.)

Third, the last race I'm thinking of had marshals but no drafting calls were being made. Once a marshal passed me and I had a train of no less than 24 people sitting in behind calls for drafting! (@#*!) My favorite part of that race was at the finish line where one of gals who sat in while I pulled at 22.9 mph (my best for 56 miles) was bragging that she felt "really fresh on the run". I didn't say anything but I should have. Gee, I wonder why you felt so good?! You sat on my wheel from mile 32 to 56; you should feel fresh. One question...if you felt so come you still couldn't out run my "blistering" 1:45 half marathon?

Vote with your pocket book! Walk away from crap races. If you know the races don't address their issues from year to year and you sign up - the only person you can complain to is yourself for being stupid and supporting the status quo.

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