Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Weak Ahead

Here we go...a new weak.  Team, there is no I in team but there is me.  I must make us better.
I'm sick - still.  Its icing out...and I have intense classes (12 hrs a day) and then a 4 hour mind bending exam on Friday with thousands of dollars at stake.  Waa right?  I'm actually looking forward to the challenge.  Fighting through times like these makes you stronger.  

This weekend I worked 8 hours making 400 ravioli by hand (family tradition) and fixed my Internet access so the guys and gals I coach can get their new schedules in time to risk breaking their necks on the ice.  (Treadmill and trainer this week if the weather stinks folks!  We are not training to be January World Champions as Mark Allen would say.)  All this after a 72 hr work week.

Friday I was told by a colleague to "You need to lower your expectations of yourself and the team.  The team believes that you are working hard to satisfy your ego."  What?  Being a 5'8" 178 lbs. (and shrinking) white dude...I have what in football is called a "high motor".  Simply put...I bust ass and it is the only way I know how to live, work, and play.  Cheers to all of you who bust ass too!  I won't ever lower my expectations of myself or change my work ethic.  I think we need a visit from our friend Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.  

Work hard.

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