Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WARNING - RANT AHEAD: Stupid People - Old Lady, UPS and the List goes On

I'm sitting in my car. Just turned it on. Getting the phone ear bud in and seat belt buckled before I depart for home from the physical therapist (calf issues still). A retired looking lady pulls in the spot next to me and kicks out her door into my car. My 2007, under 24,000 mile, clean and newly waxed car. I get out of my car. I asked her, "Why did you kick out your door and smash it into my door?" Good responses would be...1) I'm going to the doctor because I have a x problem. 2) I didn't know you were there and thought I would get away with damaging your car 3) I'm ignorant. Nope. Here is the response, "I didn't hit your car!" Me...looking down at her white car door S-T-U-C-K on my door with a white paint, salt streak and dent on my door. "What's this?" I asked. Response, 'I didn't mean it."

Yes you did...you just didn't think you'd get caught. Be honest. If you told me you had an arthritic knee/hip I be much more understanding. What response do I have as she is now walking away from me as I'm speaking to her? I can't yell at her. Physical harm is not appropriate. Physical damage - two wrongs don't make a right. So I did only what I thought was appropriate...in the dirt on her car I cleaned away dirt to write "INCONSIDERATE DRIVER". I wonder how long it will be there?


A sponsor of mine sent me a piece of equipment that was insured and the box said in BOLD GREEN STICKERS - HIGH VALUE ITEM and a giant red sticker FRAGILE and "DO NOT STACK" orders. UPS delivers the package here and not only had this object been stacked. It also appears to have been kicked, rolled on its side and gauged by equipment somewhere. The equipment...damaged. What can brown do for me? Replace the equipment. Wait until they learn that it is $6,500. I can't wait to talk to the supervisor!

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