Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Only Easy Day was Yesterday

The only easy day was missed it.

The title of this blog entry is a common phrase during US Navy SEAL training (aka: BUDS). A "kid" I met in 2003 when I was training for IM Lake Placid is now in this training. Jeff is an outstanding swimmer, great runner (especially for the size of his upper body)...and awesome triathlete. Swam 200 fly and 400 IM in college. You single ladies may want to visit the SEAL facility around graduation time for this class or you may see him on The Bachelor; not that Jeff would ever have a problem getting a date because he is the All-American guy next door. Dudes reading this...Jeff is the kinda guy you'd want to go trail run with and then drink a beer while watching football. (Although I recommend running with him as long as he has a 60 lbs. pack.)

Jeff and I swam for the same club coach 12 years apart. In 2003, I trained with Ed as the summer masters workouts just weren't enough work. (Why would you swim 25 yards indoors when you can swim 50 meters long course outside in 70 F?) We "old guys" explained to Jeff (then in high school) what Ironman was and what we are doing swimming with kids in their teens. Trying to qualify for Kona!

Jeff sent me a text between his work sessions saying basically the same thing, 'Yesterday was easy compared to today! Wish you were here! You'd love the workouts!' My reputation with Ed and the club team is one for insane amounts of hard work, volume and no complaints. Just keep going.

Today (after shoveling a 45' driveway) I jumped in the pool for my first real strong swim since August. The first 500 was fine. The next 500 sucked. The next 2,000 kept getting easier and when it was time to go...I didn't want to leave. Tonight...a brick workout. Nothing epic. Just an aerobic spin and run. Tomorrow morning...IM day with Matt. You may want to turn your heads away because this won't be pretty. Our plan is for 3,500 to 5,000, 'Depending on how we feel."

The only easy day will be yesterday for the foreseeable future.

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