Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Good Corporate Citizen vs The Right Path

The definition of insanity is 'Doing the same things and expecting different results.' - Unknown

For some dumb reason, I stayed up to watch the Chicago Bears game last night. Years of brainwashing from my dad I suppose. The were winning but never put the Vi-queens out of their misery. (Those who don't like football - stay with me - there is a point.) So I watched right up until the moment when the Bears get hosed on a call and then about 90 seconds later...touchdown purple people who play inside football (what the hell is that). Brilliant.

For those sleeping this NFL season. This ended four team's off season hopes. Monsters of the Midway? Hardly. The team has been emasculated by its own management and coaching staff. You see the Bears are known for poor management like a small time bumbling group who won the lottery to buy their business not been in business for 75+ years in the same industry.

My chief blame lies at the door of ownership. A fish rots from the head. Next, you have Head Coach Lovie Smith. Smith had done a great job with this team right up until the moment that his ego and personal squabbles got rid of some key coaching personnel and hired friends which has significantly hurt the team this season. (Hang in there...triathlon point coming.) Sounds like he needs a visit from "The Bob's" - efficiency expert consultants.Open letter to Offensive Coordinator - Ron Turner...I have never played a down of football in my life. If I can tell you where the play is going, who the player the play is designed to go to, and where it is going...you suck at football planning and execution. Gerrett Wolf (spelling?) a rookie from Northern Illinois University who ran behind a line not exactly Big 10 standard...still hasn't gotten a chance in the NFL. Never mind that the "undersized" back ripped through Ohio State who is always a top football power. ...but no...we couldn't possibly try anything different. We have to stick to the formula. Triathlon point! If your coach or training friends are the good corporate citizen (meaning they are nice, don't really challenge you, aren't very specific to your needs)... rethink your relationship with them. A "very successful" triathlon coach once told me he hated working with a typical triathlete (work, family, job) he only wanted to work with the people who are busting a$$ to get to Kona. Today...he takes anyone who comes through the door - pushing out canned programs and charging $375/month because "he can". Unacceptable and totally unrewarding - for you the coach and the athlete. I want to feel the emotion of my clients success and work with them through their struggles. I really feel badly for him. His reality isn't why he got into coaching. My biggest regret? I cannot workout with my all clients daily or weekly. Maybe that is a function of "profitability"? Whatever. I challenge my clients daily. If they aren't training "hard" that day - I want them to stretch more or in one training plan for a Super Type A person..."GO TO DINNER AND A MOVIE WITH YOUR HUSBAND and DON'T TALK ABOUT TRIATHLON" This was certainly her hardest set of the week. She called me and said, "What the hell is that? That was brutal." True - but if you are thinking this way you might have a problem. Don't take that canned workout program from the coach who makes all the DVDs. DEMAND...a personal program that changes you. (Especially if you are paying more than $100/month.)

Demand balance and following the balanced life path will pay off. Call out the problems in your training; 1) face them 2) work through them and (as Edna Mode says) 3) "Work! Fight!! WIN!!" Demand more...or end up like the Chicago Bears - Super Bowl in 2006...watching the playoffs in 2007.

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