Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Different Journey

"Hey man. That's her journey." - 40 Year Old Virgin

Today, I ran "3 easy" miles in 9" deep snow on what could best be called "rough" trail. Even the deer were P.O.'ed at me as I ran past their deer bed at 5 am with more lights on me than I currently have on our Christmas tree. The good news; none of them moved - they are getting used to seeing me at that time. I'll take that as a sign that my training consistency is improving. 5 minutes into the run in the pitch black, -5 F weather - my hat and eyelashes already had ice/snow forming on them from my breath freezing. By the end of the run my eyes were almost frozen shut with ice.

I dried off. Changed clothes and drove the pool. Yep...nothing says swimming like a -5 F morning. Matt was already there and half way through the warm up. Rats! Our main set - kicking. (4 x 50 build to fast on 1, then 8 x 100 on 2:30 - hold fastest avg on 2:30) I managed to stay close to Matt for the entire set. (No small accomplishment.) I averaged 1:20 per 100 kick. Not great...but then again...not awful either. My heart rate was 180 to 190 at the end of each 100 kick. 2,700 yards and 3 mile run all before 7:30 AM - a typical Thursday morning.

Contrast that to my colleague huffing and puffing up one flight of stairs after coffee and a donut and announcing to our breakfast club, "I can't wait until New Year's to start my new diet." His 5'10" frame and 265 lbs the typical shape around this high stress environment. 2007 was considered a "good" year here as only four times I've seen an ambulance take an apparent heart attack 'victim' away.

Thankfully...I'm on a different journey.

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  1. That is so cold. I need hot coco and a jacket reading Liz, Jens, and your freezing blogs! Burrr.... you swam in -5? You are AWESOME! It was about 80* in our pool and 78* air temp today and I wanted to cry I was so cold!