Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I believe that you can always learn and improve yourself. You just have to be open to learn from any one, at any time. My friend Jen Harrison is hosting a triathlon clinic in January with Spencer Smith and I'm going to be a camper. Here is what I responded with in response with my athletic BIO.

(Jen's son hurt his hand recently and had surgery...I have two screws in my L thumb metacarpal.) I can show G (Jen's son) my scar and we can talk man know . "See that scar? Chevy Blazer 1999 That scar? Sorority football game 1991. See that stretch mark? (I don't really have stretch marks, work with me) Portillo's Chocolate Cake 2004" - Gabrielle Iglesias joke. (See Gabrielle's link for laughs.)

MITERA BIO: AG swimmer since 12. 1st swimmer in HS history to swim 4 yrs varsity (still holds records 20+ yrs later) - All Conference, All Sectional 4 x, 6 NCAA Div. I Swimming & Water Polo varsity letters: 2x All-Big 8 Conf. 100-200 Breaststroke, 400 IM, (yeah...I transferred) 2 x All-MCC Conf. 100-200 Breaststroke, 200-400 IM, Conf. MVP 1988, Conf. Newcomer of the Year 1988, Team MVP 1988, 1989; Team USA Water Polo 1989 (non-Olympic International competition); Member of the "pound for pound strongest" athletes list at the Univ. of Missouri - weighed 144 lbs...leg pressed 750 lbs - 6 x (5.21 x body weight- strong legs are genetic on the Czech/Polish side of the family)

Started Triathlon as a suggestion from girls HS varsity swimming coach because I biked to HS and summer swim practice. How'd the 1st race go? DEAD LAST out of the water - won by 2 mins with great bike and run.

5x Ironman (in order) Kona 12:53:28 - 1st IM, 1st Marathon (lottery- 2000), Canada, 11:07:00 *Qualified at St. Croix 1/2 IM 2001, Great Floridian 12:17:xx (46:09 swim - never again that hard, that early) 2002, Lake Placid - in driving rain - 11:33(?) - top 130 swim 57:18 - 2003, lightest IM weight 162; 2004 - no Ironman races due to deaths in family; Wisconsin 2005; 11:59:xx (solid overall placing at "carnageman") - even at my heaviest Ironman weight 187 lbs.
70.3 Series: qualified for Clearwater in first year of World Championship with a 5:08 (?) at 1/2 IM in FL; went 5:06 in Clearwater (I wasn't drafting). Clearwater is my best time for a 1/2. I've done at least 15 1/2 IMs (70.3s) all between 5:30 and 5:06 - might have one or two at 5:40 something when I first started.

Olympic PR: 2:06:55 - 39 min 10k

Marathon PR - 3:17:23 at Disney World (January - with NO runs longer than 2:15)
1/2 M PR - 1:38 in a 1/2 IM

Open Water Swimming
LITH 1999 1 mile champion & course record holder - (started :20 sec late)
Swim Across America 1999 - 6 mile champion (Beat all the relay teams swimming solo)
Strong swimming and endurance comes from the Italian side of our family. My grandmother could out swim a lot of people.

Biggest weeks:
Pool: 60,000 yards (injured leg- couldn't bike or run) - 1999; in college....120,000 yards during peak
Bike: 893 miles
Run: 68 miles (2001)

Co-Founder: ALS Spinathon
San Diego runway...
GOALS for 2008: (I'm still struggling with this but here is my best shot with a brain that is completely smashed from studying 18 hrs a day and trying to workout.)

1. Learn how to train/use with Power on my bike and apply it to workouts to use my leg strength as an advantage. I have very strong legs and feel I'm just learning how to ride endurance races. I use the Polar CS 600, PowerCranks and Computrainer.

2. Bring my running back (to where it once belongs - a la The Beatles - hey its late) Need to build the running to be able to support a killer run in a 2009 IM. I survived ridiculous training in the pool and endurance swims...let's translate that back to running.

3. Everything I do in 2008, must build my endurance fitness for a return to Ironman racing in 2009. To make a SERIOUS run at Kona qualifying. I'm going sub-11 IM (if Pele smiles on me) in 2009. Pele, I promise to bring you gin! (Pele, Hawaiian goddess of Fire folklore says she loves it when you pour gin over lava rock. If it gets me back in the greatest race on Earth...I'll pour gallons of it on the lava; assuming that is legal still.)

Injury History: (nothing too bad)
1991 two screws in left thumb; don't ask (sorority charity football game- I played the entire game with a severely broken thumb in short sleeves...15 F)
1999 Hit by a drunk chick in a Chevy Blazer while on my bike; torn LCL and cuts- missed qualifying for Kona that fall by 11 seconds with zero training and lots of swimming; story for another day...RD and organization for Memphis in May is awesome!
2003 issues with Plantar Fascistis (sp?); ok now- no noticeable effect on racing
2004 minor torn calf muscle - ok in 6 weeks; won 8k trail run
2007 hurt same calf muscle morning before Chicago Marathon - finished, pain since mile 2...probably should have DNF'd - but that isn't in my DNA if I can walk/jog; seems ok but working on strength and balance of training, calf and heels get tight; likely cause - too much running (mind is willing...body might need some suggestion)

Well...I'll get you some more. I'm still building my plan for 2008. The pace here has been like drinking out of a fire hose lately and this is the longest I haven't studied in 6 days. I'm about to puke project management formulas.
1) Learning how to train with power so I can start to apply it in training. They say the top AGers in Kona avg 265w over the course and that is "aerobic" pace. I'm in the 170-180 range right now.
2) Cornering - buoys, bike corners, run corners - to not loose momentum and gain an advantage. Maybe aero stuff too?
3) Suggestions regarding stripping the body fat off. I need to eat CHO to maintain workouts - will show you my diet program and ask for suggestions in your household process of buying food. I've banished most of Lorrie's treats to her office. Lorrie has self control where my genes have suddenly started my cravings for crap food. I'm still not in my dad's league...but I'm almost in the team picture; ate three donuts in October post marathon. (Dad has eaten 75% of a cake standing at the sink. Has a physical job. The man is 65+ and could still lift my heavy a$$. He can also still hit a curve ball a mile- so can I. We Mitera's can always play baseball.)
...oh, yeah...hey Dad - only two work days until retirement! No more cake!

Lorrie and I dancing at my brother's wedding. We took lessons and can cut the rug.


  1. I am so impressed with the swimming! Gosh, how did you end up last out of the water in your first triathlon though????? Maybe I don't want to know :)

  2. Most of the people in the race were on my swimming team. Most didn't bike to practice like I did. That was the critical difference - all of our running was pathetic back then.