Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When did you Last Volunteer at a Race?

If your answer is "never" or "I can't remember" then as you build your race schedule I ask that you build your volunteer schedule as well. It's easy and fun. As someone with racing experience you will be able to officiate the way you would want a marshal to officiate if YOU WERE RACING. Imagine?

Contact Jimmy Riccitello at Multisports.com or contact NAS. Tell him you want to be a bike marshal at one of the 2008 events. Could be near or far...race marshals are hard to find; believe it or not. Here's your schedule when you volunteer.

Day before the race:
~1.5 hr meeting on the finer points of drafting and issues you'll face...and lunch (normally). You'll meet other athletes and folks from the town the race is in who will be your fellow marshals out there. Great fun!

Race Day:
  1. Eat/drink whatever the hell you want pre-race
  2. Ride a motorcycle all over the course; making calls/or not
  3. Getting free food at aid stations - real food...not just gels and Gatorade (aid stations will never look the same)
  4. See some great sportsmanship...and the ugly underbelly of triathlon in the same day. (Most of my experience was great sportsmanship.) Only one "ugly underbelly"...there is always that one right?
  5. More free food and Ironman swag after your duty is complete
  6. The good feeling that you helped the race and your fellow athletes have a fair, fun and safe race
  7. Calling a training buddy for drafting...priceless; after all that pulling you do on the training rides!
My 2008 race schedule is totally incomplete due to waiting on my MBA schedule. My Ironman bike course marshal schedule...nearly set. Looks like Ironman Arizona and Ironman Wisconsin for me and I'm still looking for local races to add in.
I promise it will change your view of your own races making you much more thankful (and amazed) at the really great races you do.
Oh...by the way...Congratulations Macca! Pretty good to see a guy who runs a business, is in law school, balances a family, moving to Colorado...does in his athletics. Yeah...they don't tell you that in the triathlon mags do they...he is studying law too. Good on ya mate! Hope to have a beer(s) with you at the ESAs again. Say "hi" to Emma.

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