Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Somewhere...Beyond the Sea

Sing it with me and Frank Sinatra...

What a difference a week can make. Four FULL DAYS at land in sight. It was great to really drill down into my motivation and goals for my/our future. Lorrie had the anniversary of her 21st birthday on this cruise and we made the most of it. Last Tuesday at 2:15 Atlantic time (12 noon Central) we were drinking pina coladas in the sun and watching a U2 concert on a jumbo screen by the pool in the middle of the ocean. What a way to relax!

I spent at least 5 hours one night gazing into the night sky while sitting alone on the back of a 112,000 ton ship watching the ocean disappear into the blackness of total darkness behind the ship. Contemplating what I will and will not do, what is "worth" sacrificing and what is not, what is acceptable and what is not. Where am I going? (Kinda heavy thought for a cruise...I know, however, from a clear mind comes clear thought. *sounds good...I will copyright that.) Well...clear enough...after Beverly Hills Ice Tea (think Long Island Ice Tea...except with top shelf liquor and a finish with fruit juice and sparkling white wine.
I'll share these goals at a later blog but wanted to share some pictures first.
"...and the sea will grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home."
-- Christopher Columbus Dreams of home? Hardly Chris. I never thought of home once and struggled with the thought of even coming back here. I think I need to move by an ocean.
Rain from one cloud off in the distance at sunset.
Great Bay, Sint Maarten - Netherlands Antilles - the water was 84.7 F, 29.2 C

Sunset in the Caribbean mate. Arrivederci - which means, 'until we meet again, fond farewell'

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  1. Oh, this is where you have been! Dreamy! Jen
    Happy bday Lorrie!