Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Solid to the Core

Tuesday nights are a small group beat down provided by Becky at Mid-Town. Everything is core focused. One of my key challenges has been core strength but I never fully attacked it. This off season I am. I want that washboard. I'm working hard to get it back. Whatever the group does...I do double. They do 45 reps...I do 90. They do two sets and rest/talk; I do three sets (Ok, not double, but I'm doing 90 reps for the love of Pete!) They run two laps...I run four.

Eight pack abs are coming back! (for me...for others they were never gone) Currently four are visible, the others are under construction. Coming to a theatre near in a Speedo at 40...but not until we have the 8 pack back - triathlon...and I have standards. We call this racing "Spartan" named for Steve "The Spartan" - good friend and early influence in my triathlon days who is known for famous sayings (if not political correctness) like:

"You'll warm up once you get out the door." (Said on my first 15 mile run; it was -10 F)

"3:48 marathon? Were you carrying Tony?" (Said at my 2nd Ironman where I PR'd)

"Who is the fat chick in your race picture and how did she catch you? You better tell me she cut the course!" (After seeing one picture where there was a large gal in my marathon photo...I was finishing...she was on the way "out".)

Steve has raced 8 Ironmans (including Kona) and finished all of them under 11 a Speedo.

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  1. I just got your comment... I am fully encouraged by your drive to succeed even when people told you otherwise!
    Way to go stud-thanks for sharing!