Thursday, November 15, 2007

RS 400 Compared to RS 800 Polar Watch; Polar Watch Replacement in a Disaster

I recently won a RS 800 in a charity auction. Team Polar this year let us use the RS 400 to race and train with. Here is a 30 second overview of what I like in the 800.
  • Small footpod - you can't even feel it
  • GPS - the GPS unit is accurate and works in the forest once the satellite is found. I run trails this time of year and have had good response
  • Switching from S3 footpod to GPS is easy

If you smash your watch in a bike crash or fall while trail running. Go to this web site and send it in! Polar is very reasonable with their repair/service. If you send it overnight, generally, they send it back to you overnight.

I am very proud to be part of Team Polar.

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