Friday, October 19, 2007

You know your company isn't physically fit when....

You see a scale next to a candy and Pepsi/Coke machine.

Round or pear is the primary shape people are in.

People take the elevator to go "up" to the second or third floor.

Employees take the short bus to go to other buildings (short walk away).

Your team whines that it doesn't want to go outside because it is sunny and warm (70s).

You order pizza and salad for your team lunch and nobody except you eats the salad.

Breakfast is coffee and a donut.

People look at your stack of PowerBar(s) and Clif Bars and say, "What are those?"

You are considered insane because you rode your bike to work and it is 38 miles one way.

You actually know your resting pulse and blood pressure.

You own at least one Polar heart rate monitor.

You eat carbs and others say, "How can you eat that?"

When you discuss the weekend and you say, "I went for an easy 11 mile run with my friends" the response is, "The only way I'm running 11 miles is if I'm being chased by a lion...and then I'd probably be eaten after a minute."

Any of your race wheels, by itself, is more expensive than the total investment of your work peers in their personal fitness.

20% body fat is considered "in shape".

11% body fat is considered "ripped".

The only running people do is for "the boarder".

How can you tell your company/workplace isn't physically fit?

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