Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You have to go slow in the beginning to go fast later on

I just started working with a new client training for Ironman Arizona. She just left her pro triathlete coach to work with me. (How cool is that?) This is based on our friend Jay's huge PR in KONA (nearly 2 hours) and the fact that this coach was not listening to the athlete's health and schedule.

The great thing is that this athlete is ready to rock and roll. Mentally, she is all in. But the race isn't until April. So today...we are going order to go fast later on. (...and we will go fast) Going slowly we need to train the body to burn fat for fuel. Fat burns in an aerobic "fire" so we first need to get the body to understand how to do this and then train it to eat and drink and go faster. As Gordo said to me, "Nothing about Ironman is fast." I totally agree. Troy Jacobson says, "Ironman is about who tires last." Nothing about VO2 max or whatever - it is all about aerobic work.

I'll be speaking about this more tonight at Mid-Town Athletic Club.

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