Tuesday, October 23, 2007

West Coast Fires

My friend Tony Kowalczyk moved from Barrington to San Diego for his job at TechnoGym a few years back. When we "lost" Tony to the west coast we lost out triathlon club founder and a guy worth drinking a post race beer with. About a month ago, Tony and Cherry (Tony's girlfriend -who is really cool by the way) and Miles (the dog) moved into a new house in Carlsbad, California. They just moved from a great location in Carrdiff by the Sea. Walkable to the beach with a surfboard! (Just watch out for the Coaster!) Imagine the excitement of being in a new home that you own.

Imagine the concern you have when there are fires all around you and your new home. Currently, fires are south and east of them; let's hope that the fires stay that way and go out completely.

Good luck to all the folks in San Diego. I hope those fires go out quickly. Let's hope the weather change predicted for this weekend comes true.

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